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Working with a kitchen designer: understated luxury

A kitchen is a space in the house like no other. One that lives and invites to be lived in. Functional in its essence, but emotional in its experience. That is precisely why it requires a very individual approach. Once constructed, a kitchen is not that easy to change, which makes its initial design even more important. Only a kitchen that is precisely tailored to the way it will be used, can eventually meet all needs and expectations.

This is exactly what we strive for at Obumex. Creating a kitchen that fits seamlessly into the lives of the people for whom it is designed. On a functional as well as an aesthetic level. After all, your kitchen should emanate harmony and reflect your own personality. A task that requires an exceptional combination of technical knowhow and a fine sense of beauty. This is right up our kitchen designers’ alley.

01 Material is king

The selection of materials plays an essential role in kitchen design, both composition- and function-wise. Is a certain material suited to serve as a kitchen counter, or is it ideally used as a splashback? These are questions that a kitchen designer effortlessly answers based on his in-depth knowledge of materials. This expertise also applies when it comes to choosing materials for floors, baseboards and cabinet fronts, always taking appearance and durability into account.

02 Tools, tools, tools

Good-looking devices that harmonize with the overall design are must for every kitchen. Never forgetting, of course, that function comes first. Are you a hobby chef, are you cooking for two or for a large family…? The kitchen designer will propose the right set of appliances inspired by your lifestyle and needs.

03 Reflecting personality

A kitchen that naturally blends with your lifestyle: that is what each of our kitchen designs aspire. A space that reflects your personality in color, shape and materials, while at the same time meeting all of your functional requirements. This way every kitchen we design is both personal and authentic. Inspired by and fully tailored to the customer for whom it was created.

04 Collaboration over competition

A kitchen designer speaks the same language as your architect. In fact, he or she fully supports the architect’s design vision. Once the story of your kitchen is clear, the kitchen designer translates it into materials, appliances, colors and finishes. With that kind of relation in mind, Obumex is the partner of choice for many interior architects, because we value and respect their vision and convert their creative ideas into functional concepts that match the overall interior design.

05 Choosing directions

The design process starts with a crucial choice: which direction do we want to go? The house style of your interior is the starting point of our story. It serves as a guideline that allows us to monitor the style from start to finish. From material to color selection, right down to the smallest detail. Every design originates from an exchange of ideas between the customer, the architect and the interior designer. A process in which our extensive library of materials and colors plays an essential role.

06 You'll believe it when you see it

Thanks to extensive specialization and many years of experience, we are proficient in several areas. Specialized visualization software is one of those. As an elementary part of the design process, we translate the design into lifelike plans that accurately show your devices, material specifications, finishes and other details. The result is a drawing that is compatible with your architect’s CAD software and therefore easy to integrate into the overall design.

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