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The kitchen Concept of Architect Joseph Dirand by Obumex

For Obumex, the kitchen project of Joseph Dirand is the result of a long lasting cooperation. Obumex and the French architect developed a custom-made kitchen in which esthetical and functional principles are delicately lined out. The Joseph Dirand kitchen is a style icon of which Obumex realizes a unique, limited and therefore exclusive series. The concept has itself integrated very well and at the same time testifies of a fresh vision.

Signature Kitchen by Glenn Sestig

A Cosmopolitan Kitchen as a Contemporary Sculpture

For Glenn Sestig the kitchen is the place to welcome friends. This was the basis of his design for Obumex. His kitchen concept is one big aesthetical bar table that immediately catches the eye by its verticality.

‘Most contemporary kitchen designs are dominated by horizontal lines. We break through this cliché with a vertical volume, a strong architectural statement. A fully-equipped cocktail cabinet is hidden here,’ says architect Glenn Sestig. ‘My sculptural kitchen design creates a visual division of the open space, for example in city apartments, lofts or penthouses.’

Grégoire de Lafforest surprises with library concept

With his signature creation for Obumex, Grégoire de Lafforest developed a radically contemporary take on both the function and the design of the kitchen that nowadays – more than ever before - has become a real living space. While the functional technical elements (devices, etc.) disappear out of sight in his design, de Lafforest indeed pays ample attention to the objects which, in a certain sense, collect themselves in a kitchen: decorative objects, (cooking) books, accessories, …

The 'cuisine signature' by Bruno Moinard

The French interior architect and Obumex reinterpret the kitchen and consider it as a full-fledged part of the decorative universe: elegance is added to the functional aspect, the traditional kitchen consists of several furniture items, the daily look is enriched with new materials.

Loyal to his inspiration, Bruno Moinard responds to the geometry of the lines, the interplay of light and the texturized materials.

Every element of this furniture has its own rhythm in which messing or copper and brushed wood alternate and in which the applied shadows and the natural light lines create different tones. An innovative concept, a bold and daring style, refined to the smallest details, … this kitchen furniture invites to experience daily life in a new way.

Signature Kitchen by Gilles et Boissier: a visual composition in marble and wood

With their signature creation for Obumex Gilles & Boissier have composed a ravishing quartet of wood, marble, modernism and style. The combination of hand-selected materials forms a natural balance between robust determination and refined elegance. The timeless class of the most durable materials is wonderfully reflected thanks to the almost liquid graphic lines that characterize the harmonious visual compositions of Gilles & Boissier.

Chef at Home Sergio Herman

In 2011 Obumex creates the Chef at Home kitchen concept in collaboration with the star chef Sergio Herman. Equipped with professional gear, like a pacojet, salamander, warm-keeping-drawers, cooling drawers and heat bridge, this kitchen undoubtedly is the crème de la crème for the passionate hobby cook! This kitchen is the ideal balance between the typical Obumex aesthetics and the functionality of a professional kitchen.

John Pawson kitchen

The kitchen designed by Pawson was a world-wide success and instantly gave Obumex fame, both in Belgium and abroad. Form, proportion and material are the three basic concepts on which this kitchen is based. Its design and architecture are characterized by noble materials, special processing methods and typical details. Pawson handles strong visual simplicity, a recurring ideal, shared by many cultures searching for a lifestyle exempt from excesses. This is how the Pawson kitchen was born: powerful and sober.

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