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16 May 2020

Cocktail time!

Obumex and caterer PointAlbert, united by their sense of good taste, would like to serve you a greatly refreshing smoothie!

Serves 4, depending on the size of the glass:

For the cocktail:
- 120 ml Hierbas de las Dunas
- 60 ml Fino sherry
- 10 ml lime juice
- 20 ml oyster juice
- 2 drops of Angostura bitters
- Edible geranium to decorate the cocktail

For the trimmings:
- The opened oyster the way you prefer to eat it
- 2 sheets of nori
- Sesame seeds
- Sea salt
- 20 ml of oyster juice
- Coconut oil (odourless)

* About Hierbas de las Dunas, Hierbas de las Dunas is a liquor based on eighteen different herbs, flowers and plants from the dunes. Even though in general a liquor is made with dried herbs, creator and master chef Syrco Bakker (restaurant Pure C) uses fresh ingredients only. The result is a drink with a pure, sweet and salty taste, the perfect apéro, digestive or cocktail ingredient.

* We advise to use large ice cubes and a shaker.

* Difficulty finding an ingredient? Simply order via eat at eat@pointalbert.com we are more than happy to post it to you.

How to prepare

the cocktail:
- Pour all ingredients in a shaker, apart from the Angostura bitters.
- Make sure there is plenty of ice in every glass, preferably 1 or a couple of extra-large ice cubes.
- Pour the cocktail over the ice, add a couple of drops of Angostura to taste.
- Decorate with some flowers for the finishing touch.

How to prepare the trimmings:
- Preheat the oven to 160 °C (fan assisted).
- Cover both sides of the nori with some melted coconut oil and sprinkle with seeds.
- Bake the crisps for about 20 minutes until crispy and then salt to taste; these crisps will keep for about a week.


For more information on PointAlbert catering, please go to www.pointalbert.com

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