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01 Jun 2020

A fresh smoothie!

Obumex and caterer PointAlbert, united by their sense of good taste, would like to serve you a greatly refreshing smoothie!

SMOOTHIE with CONFERENCE PEAR, pine and grapes

Serves 4, depending on the size of the glass:

For the smoothie:
- 3 Conference pears
- 40 g of egg white
- Juice of ½ lemon
- 100 ml pine needle infusion
- 250 ml chardonnay grape juice
- Edible small violet to decorate

For the trimmings:
- Toasted bread
- ½ Conference pear
- 10 g hazelnut crumble
- 200 g Achelse Blauwe cheese

*About the pine tree: Typical for a pine tree is the way the green needles grow, attached to the tree branch in pairs, just like a little couple. A spruce tree is a needle tree also, but has single needles. Our Christmas tree is a spruce, even though the carols might say differently, since they have been translated from German, with the translator leaving some room for interpretation. Another needle tree is the larch, which you can recognise by the multiple needles growing in little bundles. Do not make your infusion with larch needles, since they are poisonous. Pine needles are the tastiest and full of juice in the months March up to and including May. The healthiest needles with the best taste are those growing on new buds, mostly at breast height.

* You can find Chardonnay grape juice in most organic shops.

* Difficulty finding an ingredient? Simply order via eat@pointalbert.com we are more than happy to post it to you.

How to make the smoothie:
- For the pine needle infusion: bring 200 ml of water and 100 ml of sugar to the boil; once boiled, add the thoroughly washed and blanched pine needles. Leave to cool down and infuse for a couple of days to some weeks, to your own preference.
- Peel the pears, remove the core and dice.
- Add 3 ice cubes, the pine needle infusion, lemon juice and grape juice.
- Blend well and run through a sieve.
- Add the egg white and blend again until you have a nice frothy head. Pour into the glasses. For the finishing touch, place an edible violet with its green stem into the froth.

How to prepare the trimmings:
- Slice the pear very finely using a truffle grater or mandolin.
- Put some Achelse Blauwe on the toast, add some slices of pear and sprinkle with hazelnut.


For more information on PointAlbert catering, please go to www.pointalbert.com

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